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World's Top 30 Wedding Photographer 2015

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The best wedding photographer 2013

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A great team of people, producing great work

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A fantastic team with real passion for their work

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Amazing team, outstanding and impressed

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The best same day edit I ever see

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Can feel the warm and joy through the photo

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One company get 3 big prize in same time

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One of the top wedding photographer in China

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Wedding Photography

Why Is A Professional Wedding Photographer So Important To Your Wedding? - Importance Of Wedding Photography 

If I was asked about this interesting question: Why is hiring a professional wedding photographer so important as opposed to having my friends taking the wedding photos of our wedding day?

We all know that taking wedding photos seems to be very easy and having a professional wedding photographer is very expensive! So why bother?

The fact is taking amazing wedding photographs For Your Special Day is not really as easy as it seems… For your wedding day

For your wedding day, trust Johnny Productions, the Hong Kong and the world’s Best Wedding Photographer.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and everything needs to be perfect. You need a professional wedding photographer who can capture it all and not miss even every small details. Johnny Productions is among the World's Top 30 Wedding Photographer. Johnny Chan, the founder of Johnny Productions uses state of the art equipment, together with his extensive experience and talent to capture every special moment of your wedding. You can be sure that with Johnny Productions, you will have the best wedding photography in return.

Wedding Photographer: It's all about people, being people.

For Johnny Productions, wedding photography is about humanity and simply put, people, being people. Of course, it’s about the love between the couple, but it’s also much more than that.

Things you need to know about Pre-Wedding Photography

A pre-wedding photography, often referred to as an engagement shoot, is a photo shoot that usually takes place months before the wedding day. Pre-wedding shoots have become a necessity for most couples, a lot of them have started arguing on whether or not they should have one. Some may think it's a waste of. Well, on that case, they might be wrong.

Pre- photography or engagement shoot can actually help you in a different ways:

It helps you build a good rapport with your wedding photographer, especially if you're hiring the same one to document your wedding day. You will feel more comfortable with your photographer and also get to know his or her photography shooting style.

For your wedding photographer, it's also the time to get to know more about you as a couple; your characters, how affectionate you are with each other, how formal or casual your styles are. This way, your wedding photographer can create suitable settings that will flatter the both of you during your pre-wedding shoot and wedding day.

Pre-wedding photos benefit the couple as well. "Pre-wedding moments are romantic times for the couple. It isn't rare to see couples happily reminisce their initial chemistry and relive that spark during a pre-wedding photo shot." In short, it's a great way to create everlasting memories.

What makes a great pre-wedding photography?

 There are so many things that can help make great pre-wedding photos or engagement pictures. The greatness of an engagement album relies on two things. One is whether or not the pictures can tell the couples' story and the other is how emotions are captured by the pre-wedding photographer. "Pictures have to tell something; who they are, how they began, or where they're going as a couple. Above all, it is the captured emotions that bring all the goodness to the pre-wedding photography.

Pre-Wedding Concepts

Many creative couples and pre-wedding photographers have come up with countless pre-wedding concepts; so many that you will probably have trouble choosing one for yourself. Johnny Productions will take you through five of the most popular concepts:

  • The Traditional

    First up is the traditional concept. The traditional concept is basically a concept in which you delve into the roots of your cultural heritage and display those cultural elements in your photos. This look is very suitable for those planning to have a traditional wedding celebration. If you wish to go traditional, pick a location that shows the antique vibes of the culture you've chosen to go with. For clothing, stick to traditional attire, of course, but keep it simple and sweet. Save the elaborate details for your wedding day. Ask your wedding photographer for black-and-white or sepia-toned pictures that can bring out a more authentic feel to the pre-wedding photographs. 
  • The Glamorous

    Choosing glamorous means it's time for fancy dresses and grand locations; basically showing as much class as possible through the wedding photos. Couples that go for this kind of photo shoot are most probably ones that enjoy elegance and sophistication above all else. Wardrobe-wise, find gorgeous dresses that will create a statement in the pictures; either in classic black-and-white or in daring colors, the choice is yours. For the location, it would be great if you can have a shoot at an iconic landmark or somewhere with a very beautiful landscape. Showcase your stunning location and your dress for the ultimate glamorous feel. 

  • The Casual

    The opposite of the glamorous is the casual concept. Unlike the glamorous that flaunts fancy dresses and locations, the casual tones it down and goes for a more modest approach. Couples have used different themes for their casual pre-wedding photo shoots; some reenact their first meeting, others showcase their hobbies or even what they did on their first date. Depending on the theme you choose, casual clothing is always a safe choice for this concept. You can wear a simple dress with your man in a shirt and shorts or any other clothing that fits the occasion. Just be sure that you don't look too pose-y and unnatural as it is a casual shoot, after all

  • The Indigenous

    he indigenous is a concept that has just become popular in the past few years. It's actually like having your pre-wedding picture taken candidly as you go about your activities. Take this couple here, they decided to have the picnic concept, so what they did was have an actual picnic and trust the wedding hotographer to take pictures. If you're the type of couple that doesn't like to pose in front of the camera, this will be the perfect option. Just be natural and effortless and let the magic happen. However, you need to be very careful in choosing your wedding photographer as not all wedding photographers are experienced in taking candid pictures. 

  • The Thematic

    A thematic pre-wedding shoot is a wedding shoot which has a specific theme that you and your partner have chosen together. You can choose a theme that evokes a general ambience like bohemian or vintage, or even something more specific, like the roaring 20s or a theme based on travel. For the location and wardrobe, cleverly adjust everything to go with the theme you've chosen. For instance, if you go with a western theme, do it in a ranch with you two dressed in folk-y attire. If it's vintage, then choose an antique setting and dress yourself accordingly for a complete old-world feel.


About Johnny Productions – Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography Hong Kong

Johnny Chan is the founder of Johnny Productions and is the principal Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer. Johnny studied Architecture at university before taking up cinematography and started his own company over ten years ago. Johnny Productions is now one of the top wedding photography/wedding videography companies in Hong Kong. Johnny’s in-depth studies of buildings and landscapes have leant themselves to his Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography and he is often able to find and capture beauty in the plainest of surroundings. Johnny’s work mainly involves weddings both in Hong Kong and overseas; his intention with each new project is to bring out the individual characteristics of his subject so that his clients come away with something that truly reflects themselves in their wedding day.