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World's Top 30 Wedding Photographer 2015

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The best wedding photographer 2013

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A great team of people, producing great work

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A fantastic team with real passion for their work

- Presidents Geroge Bush

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Amazing team, outstanding and impressed

- HK Talter Magazine

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The best same day edit I ever see

- South China Morning Post

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Can feel the warm and joy through the photo

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One company get 3 big prize in same time

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One of the top wedding photographer in China

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Wedding Photography in Hong Kong- Johnny Productions

Background Wedding Photography by Johnny Productions

Wedding Photography in Hong Kong , companies in South-East Asia. Founded by principal videographer Johnny over ten years ago with business partner Susan, who is the company’s most importantly principal , pre wedding photographer.and check wedding dayWedding Photography: It's all about people....being people.

Johnny Productions has participated in well over a thousand weddings and other eventsInclude wedding photography , bringing their special brand of care and professionalism to their work.

Previously an architect by trade, Johnny decided to change careers to wedding videography in order to bring his innate sense of creativity to more people in a more intimate way. Susan studied music at university, graduating with a Masters in Composition; because her experience laying the groundwork for her innovation when it comes to unique wedding portraits.

My job, really, is to observe and preserve

Front-runners in the wedding industry when it comes to wedding photography and wedding videography.Besides that Johnny Productions specialises in destination weddings and has established offices in both Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Wedding Photography: It's all about people , being people.

For us, wedding photography is about humanity and simply put, people, being people. Of course, it’s about the love between the couple, but it’s also much more than that.

Contextually, there is so much happening at a wedding. “Love is all around”, someone said once, and I truly believe that – at least “moments are all around”. As a wedding photographer, it is my responsibility to capture those moments….I like to call it “curating memories”.

Wedding Ceremony

It is not my responsibility to make moments happen, it’s simply my responsibility to photograph them.

It is not my responsibility to make moments happen, it’s simply my responsibility to photograph them.

I don’t want my clients overriding memory of their wedding spending hours with the photographer. I want my client’s overriding memory of their wedding spending all their time with their friends and family.

People, being people…..at weddings. This is something I’m really quite passionate about.

I’m sure we’ve all been to weddings where the photographer has spent hours with the bride and groom to the point that the guests don’t actually get to spend any time with the newlyweds. My take on wedding photography is very different from the “traditional” style.

Before the wedding...

They are highly recommended by the best 5* hotels in Hong Kong. therefore including the Ritz-Carlton, the Grand Hyatt, the Island Shangri-La and the Intercontinental Hotels, as well as being included on the list of vendors regularly advocated by the top wedding planners in the country.

The Wedding Ceremony and the excitement that surrounds it.

We like to shoot around the wedding ceremony, making the ceremony the central part of it’s own mini-story within the story of the day itself.

Once again, I have no intervention here and I like to start shooting the story as guests arrive, as grooms look on nervously, as kids misbehave, as the bride walks down the aisle and back up again with her new husband and then, the hustle and bustle of the hugs and the congratulations that naturally occur immediately after the wedding.

Basic Happiness....emotion....people, being people.

As one of only a handful of companies that offer both wedding photography and wedding videography within the same establishment, because the experienced crew for Johnny Productions has developed a great rapport and team spirit that brings a sense of relief to clients who entrust them with the most important day of their lives. It is with this work ethos and personable attitude that Johnny and Susan create images that their clients will treasure forever.

Johnny Productions’ main offices are located in Wanchai, Hong Kong and Fuzhou, China.about us : pre-wedding photograph