Viola & Moty wedding in India

viola & moty india wedding 01

Viola and Moty’s second wedding celebration was somewhat different to their first that took place in Hong Kong.  For one, it took place in a royal palace.  This wedding was so much more dramatic; from the groom riding in on an elephant with his entourage to collect the bride from the royal palace to the firework display to the playing of the videos, the dancing, the food, the traditions, etc.  It was definitely an eye-opener for us to take part in such a celebration and Viola was kind enough to arrange traditional Indian garments for us to wear.

A lot of people might wonder why Viola and Moty decided to have their wedding celebration in India. In truth, Viola and Moty are not from India, nor do they have any family there; however their business is quite big in India and so to accommodate their friends in India, they decided to have a celebration there as well.

From all their arrangements of their wedding celebrations and our time spent with them, we know that Viola and Moty are very detail-oriented and have great expectations – of themselves and others. We also know that Moty very much loves his wife and although we didn’t see too many romantic or surprising gestures, we definitely were witness to a very mature, very loving relationship between Viola and Moty – something that we think is so much more important than any ‘gimmick’.

We wish Viola and Moty all the very best in their new life together and hope that our friendship continues to flourish as well!

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