one moment, captured forever

ou’ve been there: whether it’s a professional taking your portraits in a studio or a quick ‘selfie’ with your phone, there’s a moment before the shutter clicks where you think, ‘how do I look?’, ‘is my hair okay?’, or ‘do I have anything in my teeth?’.  Perhaps you wonder ‘do I look awkward standing like this?’ or ‘is this going to make me look weird?’ when a professional asks you to pose in a certain way or tells you to stand in a certain place.  And those musings would be quite normal, considering you’re about to be immortalized in pixels.  That one moment, captured forever.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.  For all the make-up and hair and arranged poses in the world could never match up to the mesmerizing shine of one’s natural beauty.  All it takes is a simple smile.
One Moment Captured Forever