Love in Hokkaido! ……wafer Bonquet

Overseas prewedding portraits in Hokkaido

Trent and Connis put a lot of thought into the details for their pre-wedding portraits. One of the must-have wedding items is a bouquet and usually this is something that comes from the florist – Trent and Connis, however, decided to make their own. Not only did they hand-make their own bouquet, they decided that they wanted an even more special bouquet… and made their bouquet out of the wafer biscuits used for ice-cream cones. To make the actual wafer is already quite difficult and we really admire their concept; but the most surprising part was that they went out and bought the special machines to make the bouquet. Once they made the bouquet (and several others for backup) in Hong Kong, they carefully shipped it to Hokkaido to use for their portraits. I think you can imagine how many times they practiced and tried and perfected the process before our trip; it was a fantastic addition and such a lovely sight when it was opened in Hokkaido!

CONNIS and TRENT Overseas Prewedding Hokkaido Wedding Portraits