Kazaf & Crystal Pre-wedding….. At Home

crystal & kazaf prewedding HKwedding portraits 01

Prior to the pre-wedding shoot itself, we sat down with Kazaf and Crystal to figure out where in Hong Kong we would go to shoot the portraits – much like we would with all of our pre-wedding couples. As we were brainstorming locations, we realised we had the perfect location: their home. Newly refurbished, sometimes shooting portraits at a couple’s home can be a pretty good choice as it has all of the couple’s individual characteristics and style surrounding us, it guarantees privacy and we don’t have to worry about traffic!

We did have a couple of concerns at the beginning, even when Kazaf and Crystal accepted the idea, because very few homes in Hong Kong can accommodate a shoot like this. Therefore, we requested a site visit to check out the ‘location’. We have to admit that the very first time we stepped into their home, we were pretty gobsmacked. Really, really gobsmacked.

Why? Firstly, because we had no idea a house this big could exist in Hong Kong. The design of the house, the furnishings, it was like you’d stepped into a clubhouse, with its personal wine cellar, its billiards room, private cinema, etc, etc. It’s easy to see that,Kazaf and Crystal spent a lot of time and effort refurbishing the place to their liking; it is a beautiful home.

We spent a lot of time shooting their pre-wedding portraits in their house; as with all our pre-wedding shoots, the results were beautiful and the couple were fantastic. In particular, our groom was very accommodating and it was easy to see how perfect Kazaf and Crystal are for each other. We especially thank them for allowing us to realise that shooting pre-wedding portraits in a home can be something very special.

crystal & kazaf prewedding HKwedding portraits 02

crystal & kazaf prewedding HKwedding portraits 03

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