YVONNE and TOM Overseas Prewedding Shanghai Wedding Portraits (12)Overseas Prewedding Portraits-Shanghai

Relaxing At Home
We are always on the lookout for new and special locations to shoot pre-wedding portraits, and one of the places that we discovered when we were in Shanghai with Yvonne and Tom was, in actual fact, Tom’s house. Based on our previous experiences of Shanghai, we would never have believed that such a modern, beautiful house would be situated here.

Designed by Tom himself, the house definitely had the feel of an interior design showroom with a Tom Dixon mirror ball and a Carl Hansen & Son wishbone chair……, and yet still exuded the wonderfully warm feeling of a home for a newly wedded couple. However, despite being enamored by the amazing house, for these portraits we focused less on the environment around us and more on the facial expressions of the happy couple in their lovely home.

As mentioned in our previous post, the unexpected rain ‘showered’ us with fantastic opportunities to create some very sweet photographs.