WAN and BRIAN Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (01)Hong Kong Prewedding Portraits

Love is love is love.

This is a very special wedding.

Perhaps from looking at the photos, our readers may think that is kind of obvious as to why we think this wedding is one of our very special ones; however for us, Brian and Wan’s celebration of their relationship was memorable for us, not because they were two men but because of the story of their love. It is a particularly sweet story, perhaps especially because of all the obstacles they had to overcome for their happy ending; and we are so very honoured that we got to witness how much their love for each other transcends everything else.

From their interactions with each other, to their emotional words for each other, to the unconditional support from their loved ones – it truly was a special occasion to participate in and we very much wish Brian and Wan all the best in their new life together.

Being in this profession, our belief has always been that two people getting married is a very beautiful event – and a natural progression for a relationship. After this wedding, however, we know that sometimes not everything is a given and that lots of things need to be taken for yourself if you’re ever going to find happiness.

Thank you so much to Brian and Wan for this wonderful opportunity to celebrate this most important milestone with them; for their friendship and for opening our eyes to what love is really all about. We are so very proud to be their crew and we know that there will be many more special milestones to come.

Love is love is love.