Family portraits with the founding family of Sea Horse Furniture海馬牌

seahorse hk family portraits 01
Sea Horse Furniture海馬牌, in particular Sea Horse mattresses, has been an established brand in Hong Kong for many, many years.  With it’s 100% Hong Kong heritage, Sea Horse Furniture is well-known in Hong Kong and overseas for its superior quality.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a person in Hong Kong who doesn’t know the brand.

We were very fortunate to have been invited to shoot the family portraits of the founding family.  It was quite a nerve-wracking experience for us, having only been in contact with the Wu’s secretary who became our go-between.  When we arrived at the home, our first thought was that we were made to feel very comfortable; in particular, the family’s warm welcome and friendliness towards us.  Mrs Wu was also very lovely, both inside and outside.  We loved the shooting session and enjoyed spending time with the Wu family.  After the shooting, we couldn’t resist buying a couple of mattresses from Sea Horse!

We wish Mr and Mrs Wu, and their beautiful family all the best and thank them for their gracious hospitality.

seahorse hk family portraits 02