an energetic prewedding portraits in Hong Kong

We are fortunate to meet many, many people in our professional lives and while we treasure all the relationships that we form with those we meet, there are a select few that do seem to leave a longer lasting impression.  Jennifer and Kevin are two such people.Jennifer has a fantastic sense of humour and she’s very sweet.  One of her best qualities is that she has a great laugh; each time her fiance tells her a joke, makes her laugh, Jennifer will do so until she cries.  She is very much a bride who wears her heart on her sleeve, with great upbringing and very polite.  She’s also very organised – even though during the discussions about her portraits, Jennifer would say ‘I don’t mind’ a lot, and then produce a very detailed to-do list clarifying her requests.  She’s also very sweet about it and we are very happy to be shooting their pre-wedding portraits and to be shooting their wedding day as well.

As for Kevin – well, he’s an lacrosse and has represented Hong Kong at the Olympics.  He’s a very, very tall man; anybody who stands next to Kevin becomes small.  It’s like that he was fated to protect and take care of the people around him.  They are a very sweet couple.  We still remember their laughter from the first time we showed them the photo slideshow and it’s a fond memory of ours.

While a lot of our couples shoot their pre-wedding portraits on their own, Jennifer and Kevin chose to include their family in some of their pre-wedding portraits.  It was obvious that their family bond was strong and that they wanted to share their happiness with the people they loved.  We know that their wedding day will be a great success as they’ve also hired Johnny Productions to shoot their big day too!

JENNIFER and KEVIN Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (02)

JENNIFER and KEVIN Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (01)