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Artiste Christine Kuo tied the knot last Friday at the Beas River Country Club grounds. Flaunting a stylish ensemble at the ceremony, she was also adorned with glamorous garments of Tiffany jewellery- truly a princess indeed! We were fortunate enough to capture the various moments of her special day, and afterwards, having compiled the photos together, did we realise how much of a fairytale wedding it was. The gown, the jewellery, the scenery… the perfect elements needed for a fairytale wedding.

Wedding gown: Trinity Bridal, Galia Lahav

Jewelry: Tiffany & Co.

Bridesmaids dress: Needle & Thread

Wedding venue: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Beas River Country Club

Jacky & May Hong Kong Prewedding

When we first met Jacky to discuss the logistics of his photoshoot with his fiancée, May, he requested a simple red background for the shoot. We didn’t understand why this peculiar request was made, until we saw Jacky’s Facebook post. He stated that the reasoning behind the request was because it reminded him of May’s lips; just a glance would make his heart beat out of his chest. Of course, there’s more to their love besides this! With their first encounter, Jacky already knew that she was his Mrs. Right, so it was a no-brainer when he decided to propose to her and promise a fulfilling life ahead for the both of them.


Okinawa Prewedding

We’ve known Gilbert for quite some time now; he is the older brother of a previous client and we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him over time.  He’s a very charming, very talkative character and so finding out that he was going to get married was a fantastic piece of news, especially since they chose us to shoot their wedding!

Even though we’re not that close with Sham, our first impression when we were introduced was that this was a very elegant, slightly quiet lady.  After spending time with her and Gilbert for the shoot, we found that Sham is definitely a lovely match for Gilbert and very charming herself!

Sham is blessed with very good bone stucture – very model-like and putting her in front of the camera produced some interesting images.  She’s a beautiful bride and we love the photos that came from our trip to Okinawa.  Originally we had a few concerns that staying at the beach would give us very little wiggle room in terms of creativity however we managed to get a lovely set of images that showed what a beautiful location can become when you have a lovely couple to photograph!

GILBERT & SHAM-prewedding-okinawa-prewedding-portraits-02

Napa Valley – Samantha & Mike


We have always said, to be witness to one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life is one of the best perks of our profession. Our work takes us to many different places, gives us many different experiences and we treasure each of these precious moments that our clients share with us. More importantly, if a client then becomes our friend, that memorable moment then becomes even better. Here, we are talking about Samantha and Mike.

We have known Samantha for many years. She is one of our very best friends. It is quite a strange story, how we became her wedding photographers. We met through work, but friendship grew out of that even though we didn’t see each other very much. However whenever we did meet, the feeling was like we were old friends. This sporadic friendship gradually resulted in us shooting her wedding in the famous vineyards of Napa Valley, California.

It wasn’t a very big wedding, probably only about 30-40 of their closest friends and family. The venue was beautifully natural, and comfortable; simple and elegant with so much love present in the day. The ceremony took place in the afternoon, under the most beautiful lighting, and definitely made us very emotional, never mind the bridal party!

We would like to take this opportunity to let Sam know: to find someone you can happily live the rest of your life with is such a wonderful thing but it is made more wondrous by your friends witnessing the moment of your union. We all wish you and Mike the most genuine, the purest form of happiness and luck. Love each other, take care of each other, we are so happy to have been with you at this time.samantha-mike-overseas-wedding-napa-valley-us02















Vivian Luk – wedding gown

Many a blushing bride has flipped through a wedding magazine or a wedding catalogue searching for their dream wedding gown. There are wedding websites and wedding blogs dedicated to find the right wedding gown and the search can often take months. After all, it’s a hard decision to make and, rather like choosing the right husband, what bride doesn’t want to her wedding dress to be ‘the one’?

With so many choices coming from designers overseas, such as Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta, it is rather easier to forget that Hong Kong itself is a hub for creativity and couture, with many home-grown designers living and working right in the heart of the city. For examples, one of these talented designers is Hong Kong’s own Vivian Luk, who created this bride’s beautiful wedding gown. When it comes to knowledge about Chinese brides and their preferences, Vivian Luk is the expert. Based in Hong Kong, Vivian also has a unique perspective on the ever evolving fashion styles of Hong Kong.

Vivian Luk Wedding Gown (01)

Vivian Luk Wedding Gown (02)

Vivian Luk Wedding Gown (03)

One of Vivian Luk’s signature details are the ruffles, hand-made and gorgeous. Each curve is elegant and the material is light so that wedding gown isn’t weighed down by unnecessary weight. Of all of the wedding gowns that we have had the privilege to shoot, of course other big names are renowned for beauty, but this particular wedding gown is right at the top with the rest of them, with a wonderful emphasis on the bride’s natural figure. We very much look forward to seeing many more of Vivian Luk’s wedding gown creations on our clients.