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Samantha & Mike / From wedding to pregnancy portraits

We have had the wonderful honour of being witness to all the important milestones of Samantha and Mike’s journey together.  From their gorgeous wedding in Napa, to their post-wedding portraits, and then through shooting their pregnancy portraits, it has been a pleasure to have known this couple, and a privilege.  It is especially sweet to know that Samantha is pregnant with twins and we very much look forward to meeting their new additions to the family!

For this particular pregnancy portrait shoot, Samantha and Mike wanted somewhere comfortable and familiar, so we chose to hold the session in their home, with their very cute little pet dog.  As you can see, Samantha and Mike readied many props, not only to welcome the twins and to make this shoot extra special, but to create a very adorable set of portraits.  It is very clear that Mike is one proud father-to-be and Samantha makes one beautiful mother-in-waiting!  We hope that we’ll be able to continue taking portraits of this wonderful family, especially when they become a family of five!



Photo Shooting for the Mooncakes from The Mandarin Oriental文華月餅

We have the privilege to take part in the photo shooting of the Legendary Mooncakes from The Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong recently. And not until then that we have found out the amazing details of how each and every traditional moon cake is made.

Moon festival is all about family reunion. It might be a bit too hot now to wish everyone a fabulous lunar moon festival but then it’s never too much to spend more time with our family!






Explore the Luxury Wedding Experience with Myolie Wu胡杏兒

Let’s share the wonderful experience in Intercontinental Hotel with HK celebrity Myolie Wu. Being one of the best wedding venue in Hong Kong, ICHK is well-known with its attractive habourview and iconic white marble staircase.