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Artiste Christine Kuo tied the knot last Friday at the Beas River Country Club grounds. Flaunting a stylish ensemble at the ceremony, she was also adorned with glamorous garments of Tiffany jewellery- truly a princess indeed! We were fortunate enough to capture the various moments of her special day, and afterwards, having compiled the photos together, did we realise how much of a fairytale wedding it was. The gown, the jewellery, the scenery… the perfect elements needed for a fairytale wedding.

Wedding gown: Trinity Bridal, Galia Lahav

Jewelry: Tiffany & Co.

Bridesmaids dress: Needle & Thread

Wedding venue: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Beas River Country Club










配合新店推出的Hong Kong Candle也沒令我失望,混合了洋紫荊的香氣加上飯香的本土味道,有種獨特的香港情懷。




Precious friendship between bridesmaids and the bride

‘The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.’ – Hubert H Humphrey.

True friendships are very rare these days, accustomed as we are with interacting on social media. They say that the friendships you make in school and college are the friendships you make for life; and this adage has never been truer than this group of friends I’m posting about today.

A bride choosing her bridesmaids is a bit like passing the ultimate friendship test. But when you have a posse of best friends that you can’t choose from, there’s only one thing to do – and that is to make all of them your bridesmaids! Sally is the latest in this group to get married and of course, all of her closest friends were there to celebrate the day with her. They’ve been through thick and thin together, become a sisterhood, and their love and support for each other really showed on Sally’s wedding day. We were honoured to witness such a wonderful display of true friendship on such a momentous occasion.

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Wedding Planner: Tiara

Decoration: Only Mine HK

Make up and hair styling: beaute make-up

風雨蘭 x Susan — 亞洲首個響應「國際終止女性受暴日」攝影展(International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women)








相關報道:性侵不再是忌諱 五女受害人成影展主角 鼓勵受害人勇敢站出來                    
                    港首個性侵倖存者攝影展 盼打破社會誤解

Family Portraits of Four!

Mid-Autumn festival— an annual festival in Hong Kong, celebrated when the moon is the biggest and fullest. In Chinese culture, the full moon symbolizes not just prosperity and happiness, but also the element of family reunion!

Calvin and Sisi are proud parents of their baby son, as well as being proud owners of their mongrel. Why? Aside from being astonishingly playful and obedient, the mutt has been by their child’s side ever since he was a tiny infant. Their relationship is truly one of a kind, you will never see one of them without the other.

During a recent photoshoot with the family of four, we were able to witness the joy and glee surrounding the family— coos of laughter came from the young boy as the hound played with him, an incredibly delightful and charming sight, awarding us with wonderfully appealing pictures, truly showcasing the spirit of Mid- Autumn festival— happiness and family reunion.

31 Hong Kong Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Advice on How To Start A Business

Our chief photographer Susan Ng was recently interviewed by WL Media.
Susan was incredibly honored to be chosen as one of the HK Women Entrepreneurs and shared her advice for women-lead businesses in this HK roundup article.

Article by Winnie Tsoi and Minuca Elena | Hong Kong, Women entrepreneurship

There’s always been a bit of an unbalance in terms of gender within the photography industry. When I first started in the industry, there were only a few women; especially those who were wedding photographers. It was hard to find recognizable female wedding photographers who are good at their craft as well as able to take on the physical labors of being a wedding photographer.

Perhaps because I studied art at college and perhaps because I look at artistry in a different way to most people, gender wasn’t a really big deal to me and I certainly didn’t think it should affect the way I did my work. Therefore, I forged my way within the wedding photography industry with as much courage as I could possibly find.

I still remember my very first wedding job – probably over a decade back now; it was an unforgettable experience, both in terms of being my first paid job but also the schedule of the day and I admit that I found it very exhausting. I had never shot a wedding for a full day before and looking back on it now, at the time, it was probably the most exhausted I had ever been in my life. I have kept the photographs from that wedding – I still have an album for my own archives. Each time I look back on the photographs, I remember exactly what happened when I took the shot. I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to step out on this new career path of mine – as before I became a wedding photographer, I was working as a music lecturer at a university. It may still be part of the arts curriculum, but learning how to become a professional photographer was quite a big step for me – more so when I decided to concentrate on being one for the rest of my life.

For those who want to start and lead a profitable business in Hong Kong, I would probably advise them to be courageous.

It takes a lot of determination and hard work to become successful, this is in business as well as life.

When you decide to start on that journey, there will be a lot of setbacks, a lot of hardships – and definitely a lot of unknowns – but self-belief and determination go a long way into helping you along that road. I can’t really say that I’m that successful for the moment, but I have been lucky enough to be a professional wedding photographer in this very competitive industry for over a decade now, with over two thousand weddings under my belt. Each wedding is memorable in its own right and I am always learning. My biggest motivation is that my clients will look at the photographs I give them and remember the moments that occurred with great fondness.

My hope is that with each photograph I take, I get to change the world’s perspective a little bit. I absolutely love my job – and I hope that I’ll be taking photographs until I can’t anymore.

Susan Ng

Principal photographer, Johnny Productions

Johnny Productions x Central Weddings

wedding gown

Johnny Productions & Central Weddings, two of the top tier companies in the wedding industry have collaborated on something very exciting! For more details, contact us!

Wedding gown: Central Weddings