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Explore the Luxury Wedding Experience with Myolie Wu胡杏兒

Let’s share the wonderful experience in Intercontinental Hotel with HK celebrity Myolie Wu. Being one of the best wedding venue in Hong Kong, ICHK is well-known with its attractive habourview and iconic white marble staircase.

InterContinental Hotel with Myolie Wu 胡杏兒

胡杏兒Myolie Wu Intercontinental 01
We are proud to announce that we will be undertaking a year-long project with the Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong, to film and shoot all of their wedding promotional material for this upcoming year. Long known as one of the top choice hotels in Hong Kong, the Intercontinental Hotel has recently unveiled new venues within the hotel grounds and Johnny Productions has been hired to help with the promotion of these new venues. We have also been very lucky to work with Ms Myolie Wu in the production of these promotional materials; keep an eye out for our upcoming productions and for more news!

胡杏兒Myolie Wu Intercontinental 02

胡杏兒Myolie Wu Intercontinental 03