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Jacky & May Hong Kong Prewedding

When we first met Jacky to discuss the logistics of his photoshoot with his fiancée, May, he requested a simple red background for the shoot. We didn’t understand why this peculiar request was made, until we saw Jacky’s Facebook post. He stated that the reasoning behind the request was because it reminded him of May’s lips; just a glance would make his heart beat out of his chest. Of course, there’s more to their love besides this! With their first encounter, Jacky already knew that she was his Mrs. Right, so it was a no-brainer when he decided to propose to her and promise a fulfilling life ahead for the both of them.


Shooting for Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong

kerry hotel 01

One of the best things about Hong Kong being such a international hub is the fact that the hotels in Hong Kong are incredible.  The newest hotel to be opened in Hong Kong is also the only hotel in Hong Kong with the ability to seat +1000 guests.  This would be the brand new Kerry Hotel.

We are very happy to announce that we have been invited to take part in their upcoming wedding fair, and also, we have had the privilege of shooting all the promotional material for the Kerry Hotel.

The day of shooting was very busy but we’re very grateful to the team at the Kerry hotel for their assistance and arrangements also helping the shoot go smoothly.  We look forward to shooting some of our upcoming clients who have booked their wedding celebrations at the Kerry Hotel.

With a harbour facing ceremony area, luxurious decor and an amazing location, we’re very excited to go on this journey with our clients and the Kerry Hotel; it is truly an amazing venue with a great team of people behind it.

Venue: Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong

Organizer: Tiara

Make up: Mini Chan Make Up

Jacqueline & Rob HK prewedding portraits

jacqueline & rob Prewedding HK prewedding portraits 01

We shot this pre-wedding portrait session in Hong Kong, using a very soft colour tone to the portraits. We did not actively go out to shoot at any recognisable features in Hong Kong as we wanted to shoot a very comfortable, very simple set of portraits.

We do have to mention that, although all of our brides are very beautiful, we loved shooting this particular couple as they were both so photogenic. Many of our grooms are usually quite camera-shy, however with Rob, we did our best to shoot as many portraits as possible in the time that we had – when the bride was in make-up, changing dresses, eating, etc, we loved having this time to focus on Rob.

We very much look forward to their wedding day!
jacqueline & rob Prewedding HK prewedding portraits 02

jacqueline & rob Prewedding HK prewedding portraits 03

jacqueline & rob Prewedding HK prewedding portraits 04

Kazaf & Crystal Pre-wedding….. At Home

crystal & kazaf prewedding HKwedding portraits 01

Prior to the pre-wedding shoot itself, we sat down with Kazaf and Crystal to figure out where in Hong Kong we would go to shoot the portraits – much like we would with all of our pre-wedding couples. As we were brainstorming locations, we realised we had the perfect location: their home. Newly refurbished, sometimes shooting portraits at a couple’s home can be a pretty good choice as it has all of the couple’s individual characteristics and style surrounding us, it guarantees privacy and we don’t have to worry about traffic!

We did have a couple of concerns at the beginning, even when Kazaf and Crystal accepted the idea, because very few homes in Hong Kong can accommodate a shoot like this. Therefore, we requested a site visit to check out the ‘location’. We have to admit that the very first time we stepped into their home, we were pretty gobsmacked. Really, really gobsmacked.

Why? Firstly, because we had no idea a house this big could exist in Hong Kong. The design of the house, the furnishings, it was like you’d stepped into a clubhouse, with its personal wine cellar, its billiards room, private cinema, etc, etc. It’s easy to see that,Kazaf and Crystal spent a lot of time and effort refurbishing the place to their liking; it is a beautiful home.

We spent a lot of time shooting their pre-wedding portraits in their house; as with all our pre-wedding shoots, the results were beautiful and the couple were fantastic. In particular, our groom was very accommodating and it was easy to see how perfect Kazaf and Crystal are for each other. We especially thank them for allowing us to realise that shooting pre-wedding portraits in a home can be something very special.

crystal & kazaf prewedding HKwedding portraits 02

crystal & kazaf prewedding HKwedding portraits 03

crystal & kazaf prewedding HKwedding portraits 04crystal & kazaf prewedding HKwedding portraits 05


HK prewedding

For many people who choose to shoot their pre-wedding portraits in Hong Kong, it is often preferred that we go to locations that are fairly green and nature-looking. In a busy metropolis such as Hong Kong, it can actually be quite easy to find relatively quiet, simple green backgrounds for portrait-taking. In Cyril & Clarins case, we also chose to shoot in our studio as well, using lighting techniques to highlight individual characteristics of both the bride and groom. Sometimes, it’s not about what you wear to a photoshoot that can create amazing images; oftentimes, it’s more to do with how our couple interacts with each other and so even dressed in casual wear, we are particularly pleased with the images that resulted.

CYRIL and CLARINS Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (01)

CYRIL and CLARINS Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (03)

CYRIL and CLARINS Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (02)