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Precious friendship between bridesmaids and the bride

‘The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.’ – Hubert H Humphrey.

True friendships are very rare these days, accustomed as we are with interacting on social media. They say that the friendships you make in school and college are the friendships you make for life; and this adage has never been truer than this group of friends I’m posting about today.

A bride choosing her bridesmaids is a bit like passing the ultimate friendship test. But when you have a posse of best friends that you can’t choose from, there’s only one thing to do – and that is to make all of them your bridesmaids! Sally is the latest in this group to get married and of course, all of her closest friends were there to celebrate the day with her. They’ve been through thick and thin together, become a sisterhood, and their love and support for each other really showed on Sally’s wedding day. We were honoured to witness such a wonderful display of true friendship on such a momentous occasion.

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Wedding Planner: Tiara

Decoration: Only Mine HK

Make up and hair styling: beaute make-up

Mr & Mrs Chung Wedding in Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

mr & mrs chung HK wedding 05
Decorating the Four Seasons hotel is no mean feat. Transforming the Four Seasons into a forest is even more impressive.  With a very exclusive guest list of only eight tables inside the Grand Ballroom, there was a lot of space that was decorated lavishly.

Even though for this day, there was no ceremony at the church, no door games, it was a very emotional day. The family are obviously very close and it was a great privilege to have been involved.  There was no packed schedule to follow and it was very enjoyable and relaxing.

We have promised our clients that we will not publish their faces, but we really wanted to show you the gorgeous decoration of this very memorable wedding.

Wedding Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

mr & mrs chung HK wedding 01
mr & mrs chung HK wedding 02
mr & mrs chung HK wedding 03
mr & mrs chung HK wedding 04

Vivian Luk – wedding gown

Many a blushing bride has flipped through a wedding magazine or a wedding catalogue searching for their dream wedding gown. There are wedding websites and wedding blogs dedicated to find the right wedding gown and the search can often take months. After all, it’s a hard decision to make and, rather like choosing the right husband, what bride doesn’t want to her wedding dress to be ‘the one’?

With so many choices coming from designers overseas, such as Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta, it is rather easier to forget that Hong Kong itself is a hub for creativity and couture, with many home-grown designers living and working right in the heart of the city. For examples, one of these talented designers is Hong Kong’s own Vivian Luk, who created this bride’s beautiful wedding gown. When it comes to knowledge about Chinese brides and their preferences, Vivian Luk is the expert. Based in Hong Kong, Vivian also has a unique perspective on the ever evolving fashion styles of Hong Kong.

Vivian Luk Wedding Gown (01)

Vivian Luk Wedding Gown (02)

Vivian Luk Wedding Gown (03)

One of Vivian Luk’s signature details are the ruffles, hand-made and gorgeous. Each curve is elegant and the material is light so that wedding gown isn’t weighed down by unnecessary weight. Of all of the wedding gowns that we have had the privilege to shoot, of course other big names are renowned for beauty, but this particular wedding gown is right at the top with the rest of them, with a wonderful emphasis on the bride’s natural figure. We very much look forward to seeing many more of Vivian Luk’s wedding gown creations on our clients.

BILLIE & DANIEL / It’s All About Style, Baby!

It’s eight-thirty in the morning on a very cold February day. We’re at the boys’ headquarters with the groom and his merry band of groomsmen and all you can hear is laughter as these old friends get ready for Daniel’s big day. They start as they mean to go on – with an impromptu concert for the crew as Daniel and his boys rehearse the song they are going to serenade the bride with in the evening.

It’s quite a scene. The song is beautiful – romantic and emotional and sounding quite good for a bunch of guys who haven’t had a full night’s sleep. Still, they seem to be in key and are looking quite sharp in their groomsmen’s uniform of sharp suits, shiny shoes and thick, black-rimmed glasses… only the suits come with shorts and they’re all wearing black-and-white striped, knee-high socks. It’s a memorable look that makes the bridesmaids scream quite loudly when they get their first glimpse of them.

The ceremony is a fairly intimate affair held at the Four Seasons; selected friends and family gather to witness Billie and Daniel tying the knot. It is beautiful in its simplicity – the vows are basic but it’s clear that the guests are as moved as Billie is when she recites her vows.

A banquet at the Four Seasons cannot be anything but Grand and the beautiful decorations made everything seem that little bit more impressive. The song is a hit, with both the guests and with Billie, and here we’d like to thank Billie and Daniel for such a warm, happy memory for us treasure.

The very best of luck, love and happiness to you both!

BILLIE and DANIEL HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (03)

BILLIE and DANIEL HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (04)

BILLIE and DANIEL HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (01)

BILLIE and DANIEL HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (02)

WEDNY & JEREMY / Wedding

One of the first words to come to mind regarding Wendy and Jeremy is ‘fun’. From the enthusiastic way Jeremy and his groomsmen got into the games the bridesmaids had prepared for them, to the tables of sweets awaiting the guests at the banquet, to the various games they played on the happy couple during the banquet – their entire wedding day was full of fun and surprises.

During the break between the ceremony and the banquet, the bridal party relaxed with foot massages in the hotel – it was a great chance to witness the camaraderie and sense of fun between the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Both Wendy and Jeremy were fantastically amenable to our suggestions – both of them really good sports during the portrait shooting, making the day enjoyable for us and hopefully memorable for them.

Wish Wendy and Jeremy all the best with their marriage – may it always be full of fun and laughter!

WEDNY and JEREMY HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (04)

WEDNY and JEREMY HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (05)

WEDNY and JEREMY HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (01)

WEDNY and JEREMY HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (02)

WEDNY and JEREMY HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (03)