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Napa Valley – Samantha & Mike


We have always said, to be witness to one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life is one of the best perks of our profession. Our work takes us to many different places, gives us many different experiences and we treasure each of these precious moments that our clients share with us. More importantly, if a client then becomes our friend, that memorable moment then becomes even better. Here, we are talking about Samantha and Mike.

We have known Samantha for many years. She is one of our very best friends. It is quite a strange story, how we became her wedding photographers. We met through work, but friendship grew out of that even though we didn’t see each other very much. However whenever we did meet, the feeling was like we were old friends. This sporadic friendship gradually resulted in us shooting her wedding in the famous vineyards of Napa Valley, California.

It wasn’t a very big wedding, probably only about 30-40 of their closest friends and family. The venue was beautifully natural, and comfortable; simple and elegant with so much love present in the day. The ceremony took place in the afternoon, under the most beautiful lighting, and definitely made us very emotional, never mind the bridal party!

We would like to take this opportunity to let Sam know: to find someone you can happily live the rest of your life with is such a wonderful thing but it is made more wondrous by your friends witnessing the moment of your union. We all wish you and Mike the most genuine, the purest form of happiness and luck. Love each other, take care of each other, we are so happy to have been with you at this time.samantha-mike-overseas-wedding-napa-valley-us02















Kelly & Kingston wedding in Koh Samui

Kingston & Kelly–“被施魔法的森林”蘇梅島盛大婚禮

新郎朱俊浩Kingston也是一枚青年才俊,他不僅是瑞士經典名表Franck Muller亞太區副主席也是Sincere Watch的副主席。新娘Kelly從小在音樂世家熏陶下長大,會小提琴鋼琴,並且會說多國語言,現是香港出名的室內設計師,自己還在業餘的時間在香港劇場參與跳舞。當然這次的婚禮設計也是由自己一手操辦。
由於宴請各界名流,整個婚禮的設計很隆重卻很有自己的風格,婚禮主題的是“Enchanted Forrest”寓意為被施了魔法的森林,這是作為室內設計師的新娘Kelly自己定的,場地遍布花卉與植物,整個暖色系的搭配也為婚禮增添了甜蜜浪漫的氣氛。







另外,新人的微電影也由JohnnyProduction操刀。 Kingston和Kelly相戀9年,去年終於求婚成功。可他們是怎麼認識又怎麼在一起的呢?而這個謎底也即將在香港會展中心一一揭開。先看看幕後花絮。


Viola & Moty wedding in India

viola & moty india wedding 01

Viola and Moty’s second wedding celebration was somewhat different to their first that took place in Hong Kong.  For one, it took place in a royal palace.  This wedding was so much more dramatic; from the groom riding in on an elephant with his entourage to collect the bride from the royal palace to the firework display to the playing of the videos, the dancing, the food, the traditions, etc.  It was definitely an eye-opener for us to take part in such a celebration and Viola was kind enough to arrange traditional Indian garments for us to wear.

A lot of people might wonder why Viola and Moty decided to have their wedding celebration in India. In truth, Viola and Moty are not from India, nor do they have any family there; however their business is quite big in India and so to accommodate their friends in India, they decided to have a celebration there as well.

From all their arrangements of their wedding celebrations and our time spent with them, we know that Viola and Moty are very detail-oriented and have great expectations – of themselves and others. We also know that Moty very much loves his wife and although we didn’t see too many romantic or surprising gestures, we definitely were witness to a very mature, very loving relationship between Viola and Moty – something that we think is so much more important than any ‘gimmick’.

We wish Viola and Moty all the very best in their new life together and hope that our friendship continues to flourish as well!

viola & moty india wedding 02

viola & moty india wedding 03

viola & moty india wedding 04

viola & moty india wedding 05

viola & moty india wedding 06

viola & moty india wedding 07

Jolie & Song wedding in Koh Samui

jolin & song wedding day samui01

We were privileged to join Jolie and Song at their wedding celebration in a private villa in Koh Samui; an enjoyable experience with a lovely couple.  Jolie and Song decided to bring all the traditions of a chinese wedding over to the island, including door games, the tea ceremony, the wedding ceremony and the banquet.  There were many guests who attended and the event was a huge success, with great weather to cap it all!  We are very happy to have taken part in this wedding; Jolie and Song’s first dance performance is still one of the best memories.  From creating their photo slideshow, we became aware of Jolie’s exceptional talents: dancing, singing, piano, recitals, school exams – everything she did was perfect.  Song is a very quiet person, but during his wedding day, we saw many different facets to his personality – with an emotional speech, brilliant dance performance and cool smile.

P.S. If there’s ever an opportunity to go back to Koh Samui, maybe we should try lighting lanterns again – hopefully the next time, we’ll have learned how to get them into the air!

wedding planning: Kiah wedding
wedding venue: YL Residence

jolin & song wedding day samui02

jolin & song wedding day samui03

jolin & song wedding day samui04

jolin & song wedding day samui05

jolin & song wedding day samui06

jolin & song wedding day samui07

jolin & song wedding day samui08

jolin & song wedding day samui09

jolin & song wedding day samui10

World’s Top 30 wedding photographers

World’s Top 30 wedding photographers

Johnny Productions is proud to announce that Susan and her work has been named as a World Top 30 Wedding Photographer, and is the only female wedding photographer in Hong Kong to be included on the list.
We have never been very active when it comes to competitions; it’s enough for us to know that our clients love our work. Having said that, we recently posted some photos that we really loved online and was lucky enough for our work to be recognized with an award. Our priority still is to shoot our clients’ weddings as best we can; winning prizes are very nice, but not our ultimate goal. We are very happy to have received such an award and a great boost in our belief in our ideals and work ethic.

world top 30 photographers

EUGENIE & ERIK / Make A Wish

Those of you who follow our blog know that we are fairly regular visitors to the wonderfully exotic country that is Thailand. We’ve had the pleasure of taking part in weddings and have gone on numerous pre-wedding shoots to beautiful places such as Koh Samui, Bangkok and Phuket. This particular trip with Eugenie and Erik, to shoot their wedding celebrations, was memorable in more ways than one.

One of the first experiences we had was the two-hour boat ride to the island on which the celebrations were going to take place. A chartered boat took us from the bustling noise of the town to the peaceful serenity of the villa and the closer we got to our destination, the more exciting it felt to be there. We knew the next couple of days were going to be something special.

Our bride, Eugenie and her groom, Erik, live in the UK. They chose Thailand for their wedding celebrations for the beach and the sun. Everything was beautiful – the venue, the decor, the food and music, the guests and especially the happy couple. The only thing that could have possibly put a literal dampener on events was the sporadic rainy showers that seemed to have appeared overnight. Luckily, the weather held out for most of the important parts of the day; it did rain a little bit during the wedding ceremony but the blinding sun came out as Eugenie and Erik completed their vows – how’s that for symbolism!

Later that evening, the rain threatened to move the celebration indoors but the happy couple decided to chance it – and the sky stayed clear. In fact, we replaced the storm-clouds with hundreds of paper lanterns and made wishes as they floated up and away.

Here’s to those wishes coming true – and Eugenie and Erik for inviting us to share in their happiness!

EUGENIE and ERIK Overseas Wedding Phuket Destination Wedding (04)

EUGENIE and ERIK Overseas Wedding Phuket Destination Wedding (05)

EUGENIE and ERIK Overseas Wedding Phuket Destination Wedding (06)

EUGENIE and ERIK Overseas Wedding Phuket Destination Wedding (01)

EUGENIE and ERIK Overseas Wedding Phuket Destination Wedding (03)


Arriving at the legendary Fuchun Resort in Hangzhou富春山居, China, is like taking a step back in time and into another world. Situated along the Hangzhou’s Fuchun River at the very same site depicted in the famous painting ‘The Dwelling In The Fuchun Mountains’, the Fuchun Resort is stylish, simple yet elegant and the perfect getaway spot for a private, intimate wedding. Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to be invited to such beautiful surroundings by a beautiful young couple.

From the very beginning of our meetings with this young couple, we’ve known Carlos to be a very busy man. Almost all of our discussions prior to the wedding itself have been with his now-wife Karen, and it was a pleasure getting to know Karen as she prepared for her big day. Spend any time with her and you’ll find that Karen is an attentive, thoughtful bride. Not only did she personally handle the style and logistics of her wedding, she also spared the time and effort to attend to the crew’s needs as well – going so far as to provide entertainment on the very first night we were in Fuchun. It was an absolutely thrilling experience to see the famous ‘Impressions of the West Lake’ and we’re very thankful to Karen and Carlos for organising such a treat for us.

The actual big day had a very tight schedule and with Karen and Carlos choosing not to have pre-wedding portraits taken prior to their wedding celebrations, we found ourselves on a bit of a tight schedule. Even though the weather could have been better, we took full advantage of the short time that we did have and the scenic surroundings we were in and ended up with some wonderful photos. Thank you to both Karen and Carlos for their kind permission to share some of their photos on our blog. Understandably, they requested that we only show some of the more scenic photos rather than any close-ups and so the photographs we have selected feature more of the beauty of the grounds of the Fuchun Resort. This trip was such an unforgettable experience for all members of our crew and we’d like to take this opportunity to wish Karen and Carlos a long and happy future together.

KAREN and CARLOS Overseas Wedding Hangzhou Destination Wedding (02)

KAREN and CARLOS Overseas Wedding Hangzhou Destination Wedding (03)

KAREN and CARLOS Overseas Wedding Hangzhou Destination Wedding (04)

KAREN and CARLOS Overseas Wedding Hangzhou Destination Wedding (01)