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Family Portraits of Four!

Mid-Autumn festival— an annual festival in Hong Kong, celebrated when the moon is the biggest and fullest. In Chinese culture, the full moon symbolizes not just prosperity and happiness, but also the element of family reunion!

Calvin and Sisi are proud parents of their baby son, as well as being proud owners of their mongrel. Why? Aside from being astonishingly playful and obedient, the mutt has been by their child’s side ever since he was a tiny infant. Their relationship is truly one of a kind, you will never see one of them without the other.

During a recent photoshoot with the family of four, we were able to witness the joy and glee surrounding the family— coos of laughter came from the young boy as the hound played with him, an incredibly delightful and charming sight, awarding us with wonderfully appealing pictures, truly showcasing the spirit of Mid- Autumn festival— happiness and family reunion.

Family portraits , Cake mess?



For those of you who are loyal followers of our blog, you will know Coria and Paul like they are your best friends.  They are certainly very good friends with us, from shooting their pre-wedding portraits in New York, to shooting their wedding day in Hong Kong, to newborn portraits of their first child, to now their child’s first birthday – we have been a part of their journey and it has been a privilege to watch their family grow.

It is rare that we get to be a part of a couple’s relationship in this way – we really feel like we’re a part of the furniture, so to speak.  This time, we were witness to Coria and Paul’s daughter’s first birthday.  Coria had many ideas with regards to the photoshoot and she has amazing taste – arranging many beautiful things for her daughter’s photoshoot!

It was also the first time I worked with cake mess and we were very interested in how Coria and Paul’s daughter would react to the cake – whether she would enjoy it, etc.  In fact, it was a bit of a scary experience for the little girl and unexpected for us as we didn’t realise she would be afraid of cake!  We definitely managed to get some unexpected shots during the photoshoot!






Family portraits with the founding family of Sea Horse Furniture海馬牌

seahorse hk family portraits 01
Sea Horse Furniture海馬牌, in particular Sea Horse mattresses, has been an established brand in Hong Kong for many, many years.  With it’s 100% Hong Kong heritage, Sea Horse Furniture is well-known in Hong Kong and overseas for its superior quality.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a person in Hong Kong who doesn’t know the brand.

We were very fortunate to have been invited to shoot the family portraits of the founding family.  It was quite a nerve-wracking experience for us, having only been in contact with the Wu’s secretary who became our go-between.  When we arrived at the home, our first thought was that we were made to feel very comfortable; in particular, the family’s warm welcome and friendliness towards us.  Mrs Wu was also very lovely, both inside and outside.  We loved the shooting session and enjoyed spending time with the Wu family.  After the shooting, we couldn’t resist buying a couple of mattresses from Sea Horse!

We wish Mr and Mrs Wu, and their beautiful family all the best and thank them for their gracious hospitality.

seahorse hk family portraits 02

NACHELLE / Studio Portrait

A Family Tradition…

Every year, I take portrait shots of Nachelle for her birthday party. This year is the fourth consecutive year and it has been a pleasure to watch Nachelle become a beautiful little girl. It is a very special experience, because it feels as though I am with her as she grows up.

Nachelle’s parents are artists and Nachelle has undoubtedly inherited this trait. She isn’t camera shy and she needs no warm up before getting in front of the camera. She’s an old hat at these portrait shots, so she knows how to pose and her smile is very natural.

Her family now has a new member – Nachelle is now a big sister. I’m not sure if the baby will one day be like her older sister and know instinctively how to react in front of a camera, but I’m sure Nachelle will be able to give her some pointers and I look forward to continuing on the tradition of taking their family portraits.

NACHELLE Studio Portraits (01)

NACHELLE Studio Portraits (02)

NACHELLE Studio Portraits (03)