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Wedding Videographer

JOHNNY CHAN (Core Videographer)

Johnny is the founder of Johnny Productions and is the principal videographer.  He studied Architecture at university before taking up cinematography and started his own company over ten years ago.  Johnny Productions is now one of the top photography/videographer companies in Hong Kong.  Johnny’s in-depth studies of buildings and landscapes have leant themselves to his videography and he is often able to find and capture beauty in the plainest of surroundings.  His work mainly involves weddings both in Hong Kong and overseas; his intention with each new project is to bring out the individual characteristics of his subject so that his clients come away with something that truly reflects themselves.

Wedding Photographer

SUSAN NG (Core Photojournalist)
Susan is the principal photographer for Johnny Productions, with over ten years of experience wedding photographer in the industry.  She studied music at university and went on to gain a Masters in Composition before turning her interest in photography into her profession.  Her philosophy towards photography is simple: the most beautiful images come from keeping things simple.  Her goal is always to retain the natural beauty of the moment and her belief is that a less structural approach gives her subjects more life and their own space for expression.
Although her base is in Hong Kong, Susan has photographed many a wedding both in and out of the country; her portfolio includes all sorts of weddings, big and small.  She has taken portraits of many high profile individuals, including former United States President Mr George W Bush Senior and Nobel Peace Prize winner Sir Charles Kao.