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Okinawa Prewedding

We’ve known Gilbert for quite some time now; he is the older brother of a previous client and we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him over time.  He’s a very charming, very talkative character and so finding out that he was going to get married was a fantastic piece of news, especially since they chose us to shoot their wedding!

Even though we’re not that close with Sham, our first impression when we were introduced was that this was a very elegant, slightly quiet lady.  After spending time with her and Gilbert for the shoot, we found that Sham is definitely a lovely match for Gilbert and very charming herself!

Sham is blessed with very good bone stucture – very model-like and putting her in front of the camera produced some interesting images.  She’s a beautiful bride and we love the photos that came from our trip to Okinawa.  Originally we had a few concerns that staying at the beach would give us very little wiggle room in terms of creativity however we managed to get a lovely set of images that showed what a beautiful location can become when you have a lovely couple to photograph!

GILBERT & SHAM-prewedding-okinawa-prewedding-portraits-02