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Viola & Moty wedding in India

viola & moty india wedding 01

Viola and Moty’s second wedding celebration was somewhat different to their first that took place in Hong Kong.  For one, it took place in a royal palace.  This wedding was so much more dramatic; from the groom riding in on an elephant with his entourage to collect the bride from the royal palace to the firework display to the playing of the videos, the dancing, the food, the traditions, etc.  It was definitely an eye-opener for us to take part in such a celebration and Viola was kind enough to arrange traditional Indian garments for us to wear.

A lot of people might wonder why Viola and Moty decided to have their wedding celebration in India. In truth, Viola and Moty are not from India, nor do they have any family there; however their business is quite big in India and so to accommodate their friends in India, they decided to have a celebration there as well.

From all their arrangements of their wedding celebrations and our time spent with them, we know that Viola and Moty are very detail-oriented and have great expectations – of themselves and others. We also know that Moty very much loves his wife and although we didn’t see too many romantic or surprising gestures, we definitely were witness to a very mature, very loving relationship between Viola and Moty – something that we think is so much more important than any ‘gimmick’.

We wish Viola and Moty all the very best in their new life together and hope that our friendship continues to flourish as well!

viola & moty india wedding 02

viola & moty india wedding 03

viola & moty india wedding 04

viola & moty india wedding 05

viola & moty india wedding 06

viola & moty india wedding 07

Jennifer & Kelvin wedding

jennifer & kelvin wedding day grand hyatt01
Jennifer’s wedding day is one that I’m sure that we will never forget.  A handsome groom; a beautiful, sweet bride.  This particular bride has some personality quirks that, over the time we’ve known her, we’ve come to embrace.  Jennifer is actually quite a serious person, but she also has a great sense of humour and is quite verbose; for these traits to be apparent in one person is quite a feat.

We will always remember the night before Jennifer’s wedding day, Jennifer was still busy sending comments to us with regards to her photo slideshow.  Even on the actual day of her wedding, Jennifer had more thoughts on things to change for the slideshow.  Of course, we understood where she was coming from as a bride wishing to have her perfect day go exactly the way she planned, if not better.  Luckily, I’m glad to say that Jennifer was very pleased with the slideshow that was played that night during her banquet!

On the wedding day itself, the logistics were actually quite simple, with door games in the morning, some time for wedding portraits and then a short wedding ceremony before the wedding banquet in the evening.  We have been the wedding photographers and wedding videographers for many more weddings that have been memorable for much more physically demanding reasons, but Jennifer’s wedding was one that was unforgettable for us because it was very emotional.

We’ll never forget the sentiment exchanged between the bride and her parents during the traditional tea ceremony; we felt how close the friendship was between the bride and her bridesmaids; we witnessed the deep bond between mother and daughter; even when the groom brought his bride back to his parents’ for the tea ceremony was awash with emotion.  In fact, the entire day was littered with tears and laughter; indeed, it was a very touching wedding for everyone involved (I may have had a tear or two in my eye during the bride’s lovely speech that night during the banquet).  It was rather like we’d taken part in a wedding of a dear friend.

We are very happy to have been the wedding photographers and wedding videographers for Jennifer’s big day.  We wish both the bride and groom all the best in the future.

wedding venue: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

jennifer & kelvin wedding day grand hyatt02

jennifer & kelvin wedding day grand hyatt03

jennifer & kelvin wedding day grand hyatt04

jennifer & kelvin wedding day grand hyatt05

jennifer & kelvin wedding day grand hyatt06


Korea Prewedding

silvia & johnthan korea prewedding01

During the summer, we were lucky enough to fly to Korea to shoot some pre-wedding portraits.  This shooting was extremely memorable for several reasons.  Firstly, the moment we came back from Korea, the news came of the SARS illness occurring in Korea.  We were quite concerned then, obviously, but luckily we were not affected and did not need to be quarantined, although we did get a bit of a cold!

Another memorable event was that we were very honoured to be able to arrange the formal Korean clothes for our pre-wedding portraits session.  It was definitely an unforgettable experience because we got to immerse ourselves in tradition.  Our bride is half-Korean and we were very lucky to get permission to visit some beautiful heritage sites to shoot their pre-wedding portraits.

We love the portraits that we came away with – we like to think that we definitely captured the Korean spirit in these images and enjoyed the trip so much.  Thank you to our bride and groom for this opportunity and for arranging all the special events.

silvia & johnthan korea prewedding01

silvia & johnthan korea prewedding03

silvia & johnthan korea prewedding04