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Jewish wedding in Hong Kong, Viola & Moty

viola & moty wedding day ritz04

It has been a while since we participated in Viola and Moty’s wedding, and we came away from the experience with a new friendship with the happy couple.  I remember when we first met, it was a very interesting experience: it had been a while since we visited our clients at their offices rather than at ours.  As it had been a long time, when Viola first asked us to visit them, we weren’t sure how to proceed – we had a lot of samples of our work that we wanted to show them and so we came up with a plan.

First was to pack up our biggest computer so that we could present our work in the best way possible.  Our meeting took about two hours, including showing our photos, videos and discussing Viola and Moty’s wedding in detail.  This meeting began a great friendship.

Viola is a very intelligent person.  She is a wedding gown designer and has probably seen a countless number of wedding gowns.  Her own designs are probably countless too and a lot of brands out there have her hand in them, including Vera Wang, Jenny Packham, etc.  From first glance, Viola can come off to be quite serious and so upon speaking to her for the first time, I was a little intimidated. However, during our meeting where she saw our photos and videos, we discovered that she definitely has a softer side and we were very surprised to see some tears.

Viola and Moty had their first wedding celebration in Hong Kong; then they had celebrations in Turkey, India, and the States.  Their wedding in Hong Kong took place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Moty is Jewish and so there were some traditions that had to be followed during their ceremony.  The whole wedding was beautiful – there’s no other word to use; Viola obviously had beautiful clothes, she had beautiful jewellery, the venue was decorated beautifully, beautiful invitations, etc.  Even though the scale of the wedding wasn’t too big, I’m sure everyone had a memorable, cosy experience with this lovely couple.

We were very happy to be invited to participate in their wedding in India as well; more details on this second celebration will be coming soon!

Ceremony & Reception: Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

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viola & moty wedding day ritz02

viola & moty wedding day ritz05

viola & moty wedding day ritz08

viola & moty wedding day ritz07

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Jolie & Song wedding in Koh Samui

jolin & song wedding day samui01

We were privileged to join Jolie and Song at their wedding celebration in a private villa in Koh Samui; an enjoyable experience with a lovely couple.  Jolie and Song decided to bring all the traditions of a chinese wedding over to the island, including door games, the tea ceremony, the wedding ceremony and the banquet.  There were many guests who attended and the event was a huge success, with great weather to cap it all!  We are very happy to have taken part in this wedding; Jolie and Song’s first dance performance is still one of the best memories.  From creating their photo slideshow, we became aware of Jolie’s exceptional talents: dancing, singing, piano, recitals, school exams – everything she did was perfect.  Song is a very quiet person, but during his wedding day, we saw many different facets to his personality – with an emotional speech, brilliant dance performance and cool smile.

P.S. If there’s ever an opportunity to go back to Koh Samui, maybe we should try lighting lanterns again – hopefully the next time, we’ll have learned how to get them into the air!

wedding planning: Kiah wedding
wedding venue: YL Residence

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jolin & song wedding day samui05

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jolin & song wedding day samui08

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