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Prewedding portriats in Paris

We’ve mentioned it before; one of our many perks is the kindness and generosity of our clients, who make it possible for us to travel all over the world to shoot portraits.  Binnie and Paul decided that they wanted to shoot their pre-wedding portraits overseas, specifically choosing France but not the usual Paris.  In fact, having landed in Paris, the final destination was in Le-Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy.  We’ve travelled to France many, many times before but visiting this little island commune was definitely a new experience for us.  Luckily there were very few tourists when we visited and was such a beautiful location to shoot.  We absolutely recommend Le-Mont-Saint-Michel as a portrait paradise and will be including it in our upcoming tours.

Worth mentioning is the food – anyone who knows us is aware that we have an affinity for places with good food!  So close to the sea, it’s pretty much a given that the seafood is delicious here, and surprisingly enough, the omelettes are pretty good too.

Thanks so much to Binnie and Paul for their lovely arrangements and for taking care of us on this special trip.  The photos came out really well and we look forward to taking part in their wedding day!

BINNIE and PAUL Overseas Prewedding Paris Wedding Portraits (01)

BINNIE and PAUL Overseas Prewedding Paris Wedding Portraits (02)

BINNIE and PAUL Overseas Prewedding Paris Wedding Portraits (03)

an energetic prewedding portraits in Hong Kong

We are fortunate to meet many, many people in our professional lives and while we treasure all the relationships that we form with those we meet, there are a select few that do seem to leave a longer lasting impression.  Jennifer and Kevin are two such people.Jennifer has a fantastic sense of humour and she’s very sweet.  One of her best qualities is that she has a great laugh; each time her fiance tells her a joke, makes her laugh, Jennifer will do so until she cries.  She is very much a bride who wears her heart on her sleeve, with great upbringing and very polite.  She’s also very organised – even though during the discussions about her portraits, Jennifer would say ‘I don’t mind’ a lot, and then produce a very detailed to-do list clarifying her requests.  She’s also very sweet about it and we are very happy to be shooting their pre-wedding portraits and to be shooting their wedding day as well.

As for Kevin – well, he’s an lacrosse and has represented Hong Kong at the Olympics.  He’s a very, very tall man; anybody who stands next to Kevin becomes small.  It’s like that he was fated to protect and take care of the people around him.  They are a very sweet couple.  We still remember their laughter from the first time we showed them the photo slideshow and it’s a fond memory of ours.

While a lot of our couples shoot their pre-wedding portraits on their own, Jennifer and Kevin chose to include their family in some of their pre-wedding portraits.  It was obvious that their family bond was strong and that they wanted to share their happiness with the people they loved.  We know that their wedding day will be a great success as they’ve also hired Johnny Productions to shoot their big day too!

JENNIFER and KEVIN Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (02)

JENNIFER and KEVIN Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (01)

‘如果我是陳奕迅’ Mr

No matter what your taste is in music, I think it’s safe to say that there aren’t many people in Hong Kong who don’t know the rock band ‘Mr.’  Lead vocal Alan and his lovely bride-to-be Sally very kindly chose Johnny Productions to shoot their pre-wedding portraits and wedding day.

In this set of pre-wedding portraits, both the bride and groom wanted a natural feel – of course, there was also the inclusion of Alan’s favourite instrument, the guitar.  Throughout the shooting, it was obvious that Alan has an eye for the details, loves beauty and of course, has a very sweet bride.  We had a fantastic time with them both; they preferred quiet locations and shooting at our studio where they could be relaxed and more intimate.

We love these portraits; thanks again to Alan and Sally for their trust in our work!

LAN and SALLY Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (01)

LAN and SALLY Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (02)

LAN and SALLY Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (03)

LAN and SALLY Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (04)

prewedding portraits in London

Every year, it seems we pay a visit to London for a pre-wedding portrait trip during the summer and each time we enjoy the trip, probably because of the company we’re in.  For this particularly trip, we were with Bonnie and Eugene, who couldn’t be a more lovelier couple.

Eugene is tall.  As in very, very tall.  He is also very accommodating, took care of us very well and despite being very physically imposing, Eugene was a very approachable guy with a great smile.  We very much appreciate Bonnie and Eugene’s trust in us and our work.  We are very happy to be taking their photographs for their wedding day as well having shot their pre-wedding portraits.

Unfortunately we will not be able to celebrate their Paris wedding with them, but we very much look forward to their celebrations in Hong Kong.  We especially loved their smart-casual look in their portraits and definitely brought out some of their intimate side.  Bonnie’s smile definitely brought out the best of the portraits and we hope that we’ll see a lot more of that in the future!

BONNIE and EUGENE Overseas Prewedding London Wedding Portraits (01)

BONNIE and EUGENE Overseas Prewedding London Wedding Portraits (02)