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BILLIE & DANIEL / It’s All About Style, Baby!

It’s eight-thirty in the morning on a very cold February day. We’re at the boys’ headquarters with the groom and his merry band of groomsmen and all you can hear is laughter as these old friends get ready for Daniel’s big day. They start as they mean to go on – with an impromptu concert for the crew as Daniel and his boys rehearse the song they are going to serenade the bride with in the evening.

It’s quite a scene. The song is beautiful – romantic and emotional and sounding quite good for a bunch of guys who haven’t had a full night’s sleep. Still, they seem to be in key and are looking quite sharp in their groomsmen’s uniform of sharp suits, shiny shoes and thick, black-rimmed glasses… only the suits come with shorts and they’re all wearing black-and-white striped, knee-high socks. It’s a memorable look that makes the bridesmaids scream quite loudly when they get their first glimpse of them.

The ceremony is a fairly intimate affair held at the Four Seasons; selected friends and family gather to witness Billie and Daniel tying the knot. It is beautiful in its simplicity – the vows are basic but it’s clear that the guests are as moved as Billie is when she recites her vows.

A banquet at the Four Seasons cannot be anything but Grand and the beautiful decorations made everything seem that little bit more impressive. The song is a hit, with both the guests and with Billie, and here we’d like to thank Billie and Daniel for such a warm, happy memory for us treasure.

The very best of luck, love and happiness to you both!

BILLIE and DANIEL HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (03)

BILLIE and DANIEL HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (04)

BILLIE and DANIEL HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (01)

BILLIE and DANIEL HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (02)

Christina & Albert / Surprise!

Usually, when we are approached with regards to our pre-wedding portraits services, it is often the bride who takes the reins and liaises with us as to the logistics of the shoot. Not so with Christina & Albert In fact, Christine didn’t even know we were shooting pre-wedding portraits as the whole shoot had been organised as a special surprise by Albert, who was planning to propose in Shanghai.

We were due to fly out to Shanghai for the shoot when the weather forecast predicted a typhoon in Hong Kong. Those in the know were worried that the typhoon would spoil our plans – how were we going to get to Shanghai in time if the flights weren’t running? Fortunately, the typhoon warning eased on the day of our flight and we made it to Shanghai without incident.

Christina makes a gorgeous bride. During our shooting, we had the pleasure of meeting with Susan Sit, owner of a Sinclair Bridal Salon, in Shanghai. With her permission, we were able to shoot some portraits using her beautiful shop as background and Christina even found her dream wedding gown in Susan’s shop!

Our thanks go to Albert for allowing us to be a part of Christina’s special surprise, and to Susan Sit and her wonderful bridal shop. Wish Christina and Albert all the best for their marriage!

CHRISTINA and ALBERT Overseas Prewedding Shanghai Wedding Portraits