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CONNIE & NAM / wedding

When Life Hands You Lemons…

… make lemonade!

Look up ‘easy-going’ in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Connie and Nam. On a day where tradition dictates that an element – however small – of stress and worry follow the bride and groom around as they try to stick to a tightly-run schedule, Connie and Nam were a refreshing example of how to roll with the punches and how to just really enjoy their day, no matter what.

Of course, a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without laughter and tears, and there was plenty of both on Connie and Nam’s day. From the early morning preparations to the evening farewells, the whole day was a bubbling pot of excitement and surprises. We didn’t know what amazing thing was going to happen from one moment to the next…

…Tears in the eyes of Connie’s father as he gave his daughter away, matching those in Connie’s.

…Nam’s reaction when he turned to surprise his new wife with a beautiful bouquet of flowers… only to discover Connie had already left the stage.

…The couple practicing the steps of their first dance out in the foyer, only minutes before the real thing…and then restarting their first dance when it all went a bit wrong on the dance floor.

…Nam’s speech, including how he treasured the time he spent that morning, brushing his teeth for the last time as a bachelor.

In all honesty, we’ve been a part of many weddings where everything has run perfectly to schedule, where the bride and groom are well-prepared and where the first dance is faultless and amazing. Those weddings are always a pleasure to be involved in – but sometimes, it’s nice to experience something a little off track, but no less wonderful.

CONNIE and NAM HK Wedding Day (01)

CONNIE and NAM HK Wedding Day (02)

CONNIE and NAM HK Wedding Day (03)

CONNIE and NAM HK Wedding Day (04)

CONNIE and NAM HK Wedding Day (05)

JULIA / On Being Happy

In my experience, expectant mothers who come to me for pregnancy portraits are usually a little nervous about the shoot. Julia is one of the exceptions to this rule… and once you meet her, you can see why.

From a blushing bride to a radiant mother-to-be, every time we see her, Julia’s always had a smile on her face. The shoot itself was fun, full of laughter and definitely belongs in my happy memories.

I truly believe that Julia’s cheerfulness and optimistic outlook on life will create a wonderful, warm environment in which to bring up a child, and hope that I’ll be present at more future happy moments

JULIA Pregancy (01)

JULIA Pregancy (02).