WINKIE and HOWARD HK Wedding Day Ritz Carlton Hong Kong (01)As photographers based in Hong Kong, it’s not hard to imagine that we do a lot of Chinese weddings, packed full with Chinese traditions. It’s always nice to do something a little different and whilst there were some traditions in Winkie and Howard’s wedding, much of their focus was based on how to make the wedding day just a lot of fun for themselves and their guests.

Traditionally, there would be a lot of flowers at a wedding banquet – decorations for the table, the backdrop, etc. Winkie and Howard’s theme for their wedding banquet was ‘Carnival’ and so they dressed the banquet hall and the reception outside as though it was a carnival. Popcorn, ice cream, candy floss and photo booths… all designed for the guests to have fun. Inside was even more unique, with merry-go-round horses and toys and vibrant colours.

It’s safe to say that all of the guests at Winkie and Howard’s wedding enjoyed themselves very much – and that Winkie and Howard certainly know how to have fun. Many thanks to our lovely couple for all the snacks – definitely a good idea for a sweet-toothed crew!

Ceremony & Receiption : Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

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