VERONICA and DEREK HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (09)

Hong Kong Wedding Day-Four Seasons Hong Kong

As I’m sure many of you know, our company’s purpose as professional photographers and videographers is to capture those special moments in your lives so that your trips down memory lane can be that much more vibrant.  Creating mementos are not a new thing; most of you have special keepsakes, notes, photos, etc of memories in your past that you like to look over from time to time.

For Veronica and Derek, their memories started over ten years ago.  Along the way, they’ve collected post-its, photos, letters… lots of mementos over the course of their relationship.  When we first knew that Derek wanted to film something to present their story, we saw that he had lots of these little keepsakes and so we hatched a little plan.

Derek is a busy man – anytime we saw him before the wedding, he seemed tired – but to prepare this surprise for Veronica, we also saw him make a lot of effort and spend a lot of time.  He decided to make an album for his future wife, a collection of their memories to present to her on her wedding day.

We were very lucky to witness the presentation; there wasn’t a dry eye in the place; Veronica was very surprised and emotional when she looked at Derek’s labour of love.

This just goes to show the power of a photograph.  We’re sure that Veronica and Derek will never forget their big day, and they have lots of lovely memories that the many photographs that were take

Ceremony : Bethanie Chapel

Receiption : Four Seasons Hong Kong

Make up: Karen Lam

Wedding gown : Reem Acra

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