JACLYN and ROBERT HK Wedding Day The Repulse Bay Hong Kong (16)Hong Kong Wedding Day-The Repulse Bay Hong Kong

To blog about this wedding, I think we have to begin with the after party.  Set against a gorgeous sunset, with lots of friends to celebrate such a happy occasion, it is only right that the event was accompanied by a lot of alcohol.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Jaclyn and Robert for showing us the many different methods one can consume alcohol.  Definitely an eye-opening experience!

This wedding’s soundtrack would have a lot of laughter involved.  A beautiful celebration held at the Repulse Bay, it was a fairly intimate affair because Jaclyn and Robert will also hold another celebration later on this year.  Our memories of this wedding focus on the relaxed atmosphere; a cheerful reception, a spontaneous first dance, fantastically-written speeches.  Like it should be, the entire affair was a party – which suited Jaclyn and Robert to a T.

Ceremony : The Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Reception : The Verandah, The Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Wedding gown : Vera Wang

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