DIANE and VINCENT HK Wedding Day Four Seasons Hong Kong (01)Hong Kong Wedding Day-Four Seasons Hong Kong

At first, it seemed like a typical wedding day. Start at the Four Seasons, ceremony at Bethanie Chapel, back to the Four Seasons for the banquet. We can safely say that we’ve done this routine quite a few times before. Why would we choose this particular wedding to highlight in our blog? Well, to be perfectly honest, the first reason would definitely be because of the beautiful bride. Of course, regular readers will say that we call all of our brides beautiful – but we are the first to admit that all of our brides are gorgeous. Diane, especially, is one of our beautiful examples and very elegant along with it.

The second reason that made this wedding memorable would be the sheer number of people in Diane and Vincent’s bridal party. A lot of bridesmaids versus a lot of groomsmen. The morning was chaotic, as you’d imagine with so many people, but it was clear that these were friendships that went back a long way and the bond between them was unshakable. Even in chaos, each member of their party just wanted the day to go well for Diane and Vincent and so they made an effort to make the day as memorable for them as possible.

The big day was relatively straight-forward compared to some of our other weddings; but it taught us a great lesson that sometimes even the simple or typical wedding can achieve great results. The saying may be that ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ but it was apparent that no such thing as too many people to share in your joy and laughter.

Ceremony : Bethanie Chapel

Receiption : Four Seasons Hong Kong

Wedding Gown ; Valentino

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