CORIA and PAUL HK Wedding Day Intercontinental Hong Kong (01)Hong Kong Wedding Day-Intercontinental Hong Kong

We had the privilege of participating in Coria and Paul’s pre-wedding photos in New York – which some of our blog followers may have already seen previously – and now we’ve had the privilege of also being a part of their wedding at the Intercontinental Hotel.

One of the best parts about Coria and Paul’s wedding was their bridal party. It was clear from the start that this was a playful crowd and that they all knew each other very well. Two parts of the day stand out for us in particular; one was when Coria presented her bridesmaids with personalized, handwritten cards that made all of her bridesmaids cry. Even Coria was crying as she watched her bridesmaids read her words. You’ll see from their New York pre-wedding photos that Coria and Paul were quite the cool, trendy couple – but who says that cool can’t be emotional too? It must have been due to the fact that it was their big day and they were celebrating it with their loved ones – even Paul’s speech during the banquet was quite the tear-jerker, especially when he spoke about his relationship with Coria; we’re pretty sure we saw a few tears from Paul on that stage.

We are so pleased to have had a little part in their celebrations and we wish Coria and Paul all the very best with their new life together.

Ceremony & Receiption : Intercontinental Hong Kong

Wedding gown : Valentino

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