It is hardly surprising, in our line of work, that many of the couples that we meet are young people about to embark on a whole new exciting chapter in their lives. We take great pride in our work and the fact that we get to be a part of someone’s big day – and help them make memories to keep for a lifetime? That is something rather special. But every once in a while, we get to do something beyond special and our recent photoshoot with Nobel Laureate Professor Charles Kao and his wife, was nothing short of amazing.

I won’t expound on the Professor’s academic achievements or his generous contributions to society here on this blog – I’ll leave that to the many other sources that are out there (ironically, mostly in cyberspace!). For the short time I was lucky enough to have spent with Mr and Mrs Kao, I was both privileged and humbled by the experience. Behind all the plaudits and the acclaim, you’ll find a loving marriage – a man and a woman first and foremost devoted to each other. It will not be news to most of you that Mr Kao has Alzheimer’s disease but despite this debilitating illness, the affection between Mr and Mrs Kao remains strong and vibrant. For a photographer whose job it is to capture these moments, this shoot could not have been easier or more pleasurable.

I would like to thank Mr and Mrs Kao for taking the time and effort to accommodate our shoot, as well as broadening our horizons with regards to the real meaning of true love and marriage. I’ve often said that the subjects of our shoots are those that inspire us – and this sentiment has never been more true with this particular couple. Whilst they may not be the young couple just starting to build a life together like so many of our other subjects, I do believe the loving relationship between Mr and Mrs Kao is an aspiration for all of us old romantics.