American Club

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When having a wedding in Hong Kong, many couples prefer to arrange an outdoor ceremony and an indoor banquet, with backup plans in case the weather doesn’t hold out.  To meet the requirements of an indoor venue and an outdoor venue, there really are only a few in Hong Kong.  The American Club is one of these locations, with a beautiful balcony that looks out onto the bay.  It’s the perfect place to conduct a sunset ceremony; it’s also very private and has a wonderfully intimate atmosphere.  There’s no need to worry about car parking here, no need to be concerned about tourists, The American Club is a fantastic venue with lovely staff to look after the bridal party and their guests.
The American Club has been established in Hong Kong for many years.  They recently underwent a renovation of its premises and we had the pleasure of taking the photographs for this venue.  We are very happy to have been hired by The American Club to showcase their refurbishments and we hope that many more clients will continue to enjoy the hospitality of The American Club.