SYLVIA and CHI Overseas Prewedding Beijing Wedding Portraits (04)

Overseas Prewedding Portraits-Beijing

At first glance, it might seem as though Chi is a very serious man.  However, after spending some time with Chi and Sylvia shooting their pre-wedding portraits in Beijing, we came to find that Chi has a great sense of humour and is very much one of the nice guys.

It’s easy to see why Chi and Sylvia are a good match.  Sylvia is very quiet with a sweet disposition; their photos turned out very elegant and we are very happy to have been part of their celebrations.

Thanks to Chi’s kind arrangements, we had the pleasure of shooting a portion of their portraits in a private club, a location to which we have never before visited.  In fact, having spent quite a bit of time in Beijing, Chi was the person to go to for some great locations.  His meticulous planning and great forethought made this particular trip to the city a very memorable one.