SHELIA and CALVIN Overseas Prewedding Paris Wedding Portraits (01)Overseas Prewedding Portraits-Paris

Shelia came to us a few months ago, wanting to shoot pre-wedding portraits.  In the beginning, we planned to shoot their portraits in Hong Kong – Shelia and Calvin loved the photos so much that they suggested another set of portraits to be taken, this time in the romance city of Paris.

We’ve made many trips to Paris and they’ve all been wonderful.  With Shelia and Calvin, we visited many of the same places and we also visited a very special castle that we enjoyed very much.  Shelia and Calvin had no problem getting into the spirit of the shoot and so the shoot turned out very well.

Both Shelia and Calvin are very quiet people; as a result, the photos turned out to be very sweet as they pretty much got lost in each other.  It made it easy for us to capture the magic moments and we were lucky enough to witness one of their happiest moments – in love, in Paris.