PAULINE Overseas Prewedding India Wedding Portraits (01)Overseas Prewedding Portraits-India

India is one country on our list that we very much looked forward to travelling. We finally got the opportunity to visit this beautiful place with Pauline and her fiancé. The reason for choosing India for their pre-wedding portraits was because the groom is Indian. However, as he was born in Africa and had never stepped foot in India before, it was time for him to go back to his roots – and to take his bride to be (and us!) with him.

Those few days we stayed, India was having its hottest weather. The temperatures reached almost 50 degrees in the afternoon and our gear suffered along with us – we had to keep them next to cooling pads to prevent melting! Strangely enough, we thought our groom would be okay with the hot weather; turns out that he wasn’t, and the legend that brides do not get tired was proven spectacularly by our beautiful bride… Pauline chose to wear the traditional Indian dress for her photos and the material by itself must have weighed more than our cameras!

India is a beautiful country, with lots to offer besides the local tourist spots. Our expectations were blown out of he water – not a curry to be seen but the groom did take us to a Japanese restaurant to have the most delicious sashimi! Under the weather conditions, it was a fantastic way of cooling ourselves down.

This was indeed a very a memorable trip – truly enjoyable. Special thanks to Mini, our incredible make up artist who made sure the bride was camera-ready at every point. Thanks, also, to Pauline and her fiancé for the opportunity to explore a new horizon. We will definitely be visiting again soon.

Best wishes to them both for their new marriage!