NAOKO and OLOF Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (03)Hong Kong Prewedding Portraits

It sounds a bit like an international fairy tale; Japanese girl meets Swedish boy in the far-away-from-home land of Hong Kong, they fall in love and get married in a castle. Yet, completely true for Naoko and Olof. We had the pleasure of shooting their pre-wedding portraits in Hong Kong, and then taking part in their wedding all the way in Stockholm, Sweden.

Naoko and Olof chose to shoot their pre-wedding portraits in the very heart of Hong Kong – Central. They wanted the city; there aren’t many brides who like shooting pre-weddings in the city because it’s usually hot, and crowded but as long as the couple are comfortable with each other, it seems that their surroundings are really just superfluous. We came away with some great photos and particularly love the set of Naoko in her Chinese qipao. We’re sure many of our readers will agree that our beautiful bride really brought out the beauty of her traditional Chinese gown and we wanted to share these images with you.