MAGGIE and CHARLES Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (10)Hong Kong Prewedding Portraits

5:20am………”wo ai ni”

This is the story of how one long-distance phone call sparked a romance across land and sea.

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Charles.  He lived in China but would always need to fly to Japan for work.  A girl named Maggie lived in the far away land of Australia.  Every morning, like clockwork, Charles would wake up  at 5.20am to call Maggie in Australia where it was 8:20am so that she would be on time for work.  For three months,  Charles would make these long-distance calls at 5.20am and something as simple as a phone call shaped the course of their love story.  In the fourth month, Charles decided to move to Australia to be with Maggie… and now, they are having their happily ever after.

For Maggie and Charles’s pre-wedding portraits, they decided to stick with their style of being themselves, with simply no fuss, no grandeur.  We shot in the studio, dressed casually, with nothing but our happy couple; the shoot itself was fun and the intimacy between Maggie and Charles created some wonderfully romantic shots.

It goes to show that love doesn’t have to complicated and that it just takes a little dedication to get a happy ending.  Congratulations to Maggie and Charles!