FION and GERARD Overseas Prewedding Sydney Wedding Portraits (09)Overseas Prewedding Portraits-Sydney

When it comes to shooting overseas pre-wedding portraits, we often sit down with our clients who have a good idea of where they want to go.  It may be somewhere known for romance, like Paris or Prague; it may be somewhere known for its iconic landmarks, like London or New York.  Sometimes, it’s the place that is most meaningful to the bride and groom, for example where they met or where the proposal took place.  Our approach to these shootings is very simple; wherever we end up shooting, make it special for our happy couples.

For Fion and Gerard, Sydney was their chosen location and it’s not hard to see why.  This vibrant city is where they have made their home – and so we did not visit many tourist spots for their portraits.  Instead, we visited all their favourite places, eschewing the famous landmarks for a much more intimate setting.

Regular blog readers will notice that this particular set of images are vastly different to our usual fare.  Both Fion and Gerard are bold, vibrant people – and so it makes sense that their portraits reflect on this characteristic.  We went into this shoot looking for the modern look – we worked a lot with contrast here, and colour tone and really like the results.

It just goes to show that as long as it is a place that has meaning to you and your partner, you can shoot anywhere in the world.