CHLOE and TO Prewedding HK Wedding Portraits (08)Hong Kong Prewedding Portraits

I remember the first time we met with To and Chloe – it was Mid-Autumn’s Festival and we spoke at length about the details of what they wanted to do with their pre-wedding portraits.  We always love it when our clients come in with their own ideas and thoughts, but To and Chloe took the entire experience to another level.  It was a memorable meeting, mainly because To had taken the time and care to prepare a beautifully detailed powerpoint presentation to show us their thoughts.  Not only did their ideas create some fantastic new styles for their shoot, their enthusiasm and input inspired us to think differently.

We’d seen a little of how organized To and Chloe would be for their shoot during our meeting with the presentation; for the shoot itself, it was hardly surprising that they would be well-prepared.  Lots of props, numerous changes of clothes, it’s easy to have fun and be creative when you have muses such as these.  Chloe – a self-confessed leopard print fanatic – brought lots of leopard-print materials for the studio shoot, which was brilliant because as I’m sure you’ll agree, Chloe is one person who can definitely pull off the look.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our make-up artist, who spent quite a bit of time blowing bubbles for our shoot, and generally being a bit underappreciated.