CATHERINE and LAWRENCE Overseas Prewedding Kenya Wedding Portraits (10)Overseas Prewedding Portraits-Kenya

A Special Dream Come True

As photographers, the opportunity to shoot a unique collection of portraits is a rare dream.  Susan and I are especially grateful to Catherine and Lawrence for giving us this chance to make our dream a reality.

Prior to meeting Catherine and Lawrence, the closest we’ve ever come to Africa is seeing parts of it on National Geographic.  We’ve never thought about how it would be during a shoot.

Catherine loves giraffes.  Even her wedding gifts had a giraffe theme that was designed by Catherine, who is a designer by profession.  She and Lawrence are both active people and wanted their pre-wedding photos to bring across their playful side.  It was easy enough to decide on going to Kenya to look for giraffes.

The first time we saw a giraffe, it was a little scary with its big head, tall body and a long tongue that was sticky to touch.  However by the time we finished shooting, we ended up loving the giraffes and had become friends with them.

The challenge with this trip came with working with animals.  A lot of time was spent waiting for the giraffes to cooperate as we had no way of controlling them.  Not only that, but to have them interacting with Catherine and Lawrence made the whole experience doubly tricky.