CARMINE and WILSON Overseas Prewedding UK Wedding Portraits (04)

Overseas Prewedding Portraits-UK

London can probably be classed as our home away from home, with the number of times we have travelled and stayed there.  It’s one of the top destinations for our clients when it comes to pre-wedding portraits and we enjoy each and every trip.

For Carmine & Wilson, we started in London but we also expanded our horizons to include the wonderful city of Bath as well.  Rich with history and friendly people, we explored all the sights and shot some beautiful images.  We also had the opportunity to take over a nearby castle.  Carmine & Wilson  had booked the castle especially for their photoshoot and with the empty castle all to ourselves, it really felt like we were taking pictures of a Prince and his Princess.

For this particular of images, we deliberately went for the more dramatic poses – using the castle’s grand and elegant atmosphere to enhance the effect that Carmine & Wilson were looking for.  We’ve mentioned before that we don’t have a template to follow when we shoot our clients’ portraits – it all really depends on what our clients want and we’re very pleased with the results!