Selena & Vincent Wedding

SELINA and VINCENT HK wedding day HKCEC01

For this particular bride, everything started with a Crystal Ball.  From childhood, perhaps many of you have heard of stories about crystal balls and how magical they are, how romantic and mysterious.  In this wedding that took place at the Wanchai Convention Centre, our lovely bride Selena chose to have a giant crystal ball erected in the foyer, inside which she stood, waiting for her Prince Charming.

For us as photographers, the set up was quite a challenge as we needed to be able to catch the transparency of the crystal ball as well depict the beauty of the bride through the reflection of the surface.  We were very pleasantly surprised by the results of the images and wanted to share that with our readers.

Of course, any wedding that takes place at the Wanchai Convention Centre has to make great use of the space that a venue like that can afford.  Selena and Vincent definitely filled the venue very well with their amazing, gorgeous and spacious decorations.  It was easy to tell that a lot of thought had been put into creating a romantic, majestic wedding celebration for this beautiful couple.

One of the most memorable moments was the march-in moment, when the couple entered the hall on a long walkway that closely resembled the newlyweds walking on water.  It was a crazy, magical moment that we will never forget and we hope that this magic will continue to live on in Selena and Vincent’s new life as a married couple.

Decoration: The Wood

Wedding planner: Tiara


Live band: ME2 Productions

SELINA and VINCENT HK wedding day HKCEC02
SELINA and VINCENT HK wedding day HKCEC03
SELINA and VINCENT HK wedding day HKCEC04
SELINA and VINCENT HK wedding day HKCEC05

Amanda & Brian Wedding

AMANDA _ BRIAN HK wedding day AMC - 009

There is one very important list that every bride and groom will have to sit down and think about when they plan their wedding – the guest list.  Whether it’s a small, intimate party with just family and close friends or a big, elaborate affair with extended family, friends and all their ‘plus ones’; every couple goes through the tough decision of figuring out just whom they should invite to one of the momentous occasions of their lives.

For Amanda and Brian, it was a kind of a no-brainer.  Although they held their wedding in Hong Kong, Amanda spent most of her time abroad and of course, most of her closest friends were made abroad.  Even though they’d spent some time apart since Amanda came back to Hong Kong, it’s testament to Amanda’s character how all her friends came to support and celebrate her marriage to Brian on her wedding day.

Amanda and Brian’s celebrations took place at the Aberdeen Marina Club, an indoor ceremony that was as beautiful as it was emotional.  Amanda and Brian planned a western-style event and Amanda herself was also quite western, in terms of not changing outfits during the banquet as most Chinese brides would, and embracing the western traditions full-heartedly.  As their crew, it was lovely to witness and we caught many genuine, touching, candid moments that really captured the essence of the wedding.

Congratulations to Amanda and Brian; we hope this is just the start of a very long and happy journey together – one that we think their friends will be alongside ever step of the way!

wedding venue: The Aberdeen Marina Club

decoration: Wedding Garden

AMANDA _ BRIAN HK wedding day AMC - 002

AMANDA _ BRIAN HK wedding day AMC - 003

AMANDA _ BRIAN HK wedding day AMC - 004

AMANDA _ BRIAN HK wedding day AMC - 005

AMANDA _ BRIAN HK wedding day AMC - 006

AMANDA _ BRIAN HK wedding day AMC - 012

AMANDA _ BRIAN HK wedding day AMC - 014

AMANDA _ BRIAN HK wedding day AMC - 020

Chantel & James Wedding

CHANTEL and JAMES HK wedding day Grand Haytt Hong Kong - 08

Chantel and James are both professional working people.  They are also a very sweet couple who couldn’t be more compatible with each other.  Chantel has such an easy-going nature, and it’s clear in the number of friends and family they have surrounding them that this couple is well-loved and supported.  Every wedding is special to us, and it’s even more enjoyable for us to see the guests enjoying themselves; Chantel and James’ wedding is no exception and it was lovely to see how much they were loved by their friends and family.

The Grand Hyatt hotel is famous for its Pool Side and for its Great Ballroom.  Chantel and James chose to have their wedding ceremony take place in the Pool House, and to celebrate their evening with a banquet in the Great Ballroom.  Sometimes a wedding is jam-packed full of traditions and activities, but Chantel and James’ decision to keep everything simple yet beautiful made this a very interesting and gorgeous wedding to shoot.  It was lovely to see Chantel and James enjoy their day and we wish them all the best with their journey together.

wedding venue: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

wedding planner: White Bridal

wedding gown: Jenny Packham

make up: Bart Ko

CHANTEL and JAMES HK wedding day Grand Haytt Hong Kong - 01

CHANTEL and JAMES HK wedding day Grand Haytt Hong Kong - 02

CHANTEL and JAMES HK wedding day Grand Haytt Hong Kong - 03

CHANTEL and JAMES HK wedding day Grand Haytt Hong Kong - 04

CHANTEL and JAMES HK wedding day Grand Haytt Hong Kong - 05

CHANTEL and JAMES HK wedding day Grand Haytt Hong Kong - 06

CHANTEL and JAMES HK wedding day Grand Haytt Hong Kong - 07

CHANTEL and JAMES HK wedding day Grand Haytt Hong Kong - 09

CHANTEL and JAMES HK wedding day Grand Haytt Hong Kong - 10

CHANTEL and JAMES HK wedding day Grand Haytt Hong Kong - 11

CHANTEL and JAMES HK wedding day Grand Haytt Hong Kong - 12

Samantha & Mike / From wedding to pregnancy portraits

We have had the wonderful honour of being witness to all the important milestones of Samantha and Mike’s journey together.  From their gorgeous wedding in Napa, to their post-wedding portraits, and then through shooting their pregnancy portraits, it has been a pleasure to have known this couple, and a privilege.  It is especially sweet to know that Samantha is pregnant with twins and we very much look forward to meeting their new additions to the family!

For this particular pregnancy portrait shoot, Samantha and Mike wanted somewhere comfortable and familiar, so we chose to hold the session in their home, with their very cute little pet dog.  As you can see, Samantha and Mike readied many props, not only to welcome the twins and to make this shoot extra special, but to create a very adorable set of portraits.  It is very clear that Mike is one proud father-to-be and Samantha makes one beautiful mother-in-waiting!  We hope that we’ll be able to continue taking portraits of this wonderful family, especially when they become a family of five!



Napa Valley – Samantha & Mike


We have always said, to be witness to one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life is one of the best perks of our profession. Our work takes us to many different places, gives us many different experiences and we treasure each of these precious moments that our clients share with us. More importantly, if a client then becomes our friend, that memorable moment then becomes even better. Here, we are talking about Samantha and Mike.

We have known Samantha for many years. She is one of our very best friends. It is quite a strange story, how we became her wedding photographers. We met through work, but friendship grew out of that even though we didn’t see each other very much. However whenever we did meet, the feeling was like we were old friends. This sporadic friendship gradually resulted in us shooting her wedding in the famous vineyards of Napa Valley, California.

It wasn’t a very big wedding, probably only about 30-40 of their closest friends and family. The venue was beautifully natural, and comfortable; simple and elegant with so much love present in the day. The ceremony took place in the afternoon, under the most beautiful lighting, and definitely made us very emotional, never mind the bridal party!

We would like to take this opportunity to let Sam know: to find someone you can happily live the rest of your life with is such a wonderful thing but it is made more wondrous by your friends witnessing the moment of your union. We all wish you and Mike the most genuine, the purest form of happiness and luck. Love each other, take care of each other, we are so happy to have been with you at this time.samantha-mike-overseas-wedding-napa-valley-us02















Photo Shooting for the Mooncakes from The Mandarin Oriental文華月餅

We have the privilege to take part in the photo shooting of the Legendary Mooncakes from The Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong recently. And not until then that we have found out the amazing details of how each and every traditional moon cake is made.

Moon festival is all about family reunion. It might be a bit too hot now to wish everyone a fabulous lunar moon festival but then it’s never too much to spend more time with our family!






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